Keli Dean, LMFT-Associate

Supervised by Claudia Thompson LMFT-S, LPC-S

Keli N. Dean is a Licensed Marriage and Family Associate. She specializes in couple therapy and works with heterosexual, same-sex, and non-binary couples to create a long-lasting, sustainable bond, find safety with one another again and enrich sexual intimacy. Keli is especially passionate about helping couples create Revolutionary Relationships so they can “save the world” together, instead of trying to save their relationship all the time!

She also works with individual adult clients who seek to explore the relationship with themselves, as well as enjoy more fulfilling relationships with others. She invites her clients to tune into their inner wisdom to promote personal growth and guides them to authentically express themselves.

She embraces all forms of spirituality and cultural diversity while believing in the power of conscious, intentional relationships. Her approach is nurturing and empowered. She commits to providing a holding environment that enables one to reconstruct a sense of self that’s whole (not fragmented) and peaceful (not tormented) so one’s own mysteries can unravel organically.

Keli has a background in Vedic studies, yoga, Ayurveda and Neo-Tantra. She spent 13 years in her first career as and Emergency Medical Tecnician (EMT) and Paramedic prior to transitioning to Psychology. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physiology, a Bachelor of Arts in Vedic Science, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.

Keli specializes in Relationship Enrichment, Mindful Partnerships, Conscious Dating, Pre-commitment, self-expansion through relationship, and Uncoupling (for individuals and couples who want to break up). She is also a Tantra-Informed Practitioner (protecting innocence & confidence). Keli offers a Conscious Sexual Self process group once a year.

Soulful Relationships

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