Jill Baumgarner, LPC-Intern

Jill Baumgarner, LPC-Intern

  • What should I do as the person I love most is drifting away?
  • Why can’t my partner and I feel connected the way we used to?
  • Why do I feel trapped in anger, resentment, and loneliness?

When our relationship suffers, we suffer.

I work with people who are experiencing sexual health or relationship concerns, which really means I help people restore intimacy and connection with the one they love. I also help people answer the questions: “Do I really want this?”, “How can we get back what we had?” and “Can we ever really recover from this betrayal?”

Beginning therapy can feel so daunting- so let’s call this the start of something new. I am not here to judge you or ask you to change- I’m here to encourage vulnerability and guide acceptance of yourself and your love.

I specialize in infidelity recovery, de-escalating harmful communication cycles, sexual intelligence, grief and loss counseling (including death, life transitions, job loss, relationship loss, physical changes), and sex therapy.  My experience also includes conflict resolution, communication, loneliness, career concerns, and parenting (Positive Discipline trained).  Call me today and let’s begin your healing.

Jill is a Senior Intern completing her post-graduate clinical hours, required for full licensure in Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor.


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