Associates & Interns

Claudia Thompson’s LMFT Associates and LPC Interns are available to schedule therapy appointments, often at more convenient times when life’s responsibilities constrain your availability.  Please click on their names below for more information.

Jill Baumgarner, LPC-InternJill Baumgarner, LPC-Intern
Jill Baumgarner is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern who offers counseling to couples and individuals. With a focus predominately on restoring intimacy and sexual spark in committed relationships, she also focuses on reconnection for couples who have experienced trauma, infidelity, loss or simply the business of everyday life that has caused them to disconnect. Jill is also a sex-positive professional who specializes in non-traditional relationships.

Jamie Falco, LPCJamie Falco, LPC
Jamie Falco is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an all-inclusive therapist. She works with individual adult and young adult clients who are seeking to develop, strengthen, and explore a personal relationship within themselves. Additionally, Jamie provides confidential therapy and support to gender non-conforming and LGBT individuals.

Kristal DeSantis, LMFT-Associate
Kristal DeSantis, M.A. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate who specializes in working with couples and individuals around relationship issues. Kristal is a certified PREPARE/Enrich pre-marital counselor, a certified Brief Systems Therapist, and is trained in Gottman Marital Therapy methods. She specializes in working with high-conflict couples, couples and individuals in life transitions, and those looking to improve the quality of their interpersonal relationships. Kristal’s passion is helping individuals and couples discover their authenticity and increase satisfaction in their relationships through exploration and individual growth. Her goal as a therapist is to help you discover, create, and live your own unique love story.

Keli Dean, LMFT-Associate
Keli Dean is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate. She has a passion for working with couples who wish to enrich their partnership, deepen their connection, increase sexual pleasure, and create sustainable, long-lasting commitment. She supports couples to open up in a safe space, where they can find compassion and safety with one another again, while exploring the love they share. Keli also works with individuals to discover the authentic self. She guides them through the process of uncovering a conscious sexual self, and helps clients move toward living a more fulfilling life. Keli is a Tantra-informed practitioner, sex-positive, and LGBTQ-friendly.