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Claudia Thompson’s LMFT Associates and LPC Interns are available to schedule therapy appointments, often at more convenient times when life’s responsibilities constrain your availability.  Please click on their names below for more information.  Schedule now by calling 512-994-2588 or online scheduling below.

Jill Baumgarner, LPC-Intern

Jill helps people who want to build intimacy, compassion and trust in their lives and relationships. Through empathic connection we reignite passion, love and enhance our ability to communicate effectively. We are wired to connect and when the torments of life create a chasm in our relationship, we are often left feeling numb, distressed, anxious or angry. 

Jill works with those who desire change or healing when their relationship is creating pain or falling apart.  

With a sub-specialty in infidelity recovery and divorce, Jill also has experience working with sexual anxiety, sexual pain, sexually impulsive behavior, communication difficulties, depression, grief and loss, trauma, lack of self-esteem and anger management. 

In addition to working with traditional couples, Jill has experience and training working with non-monogamous relationship styles. She is a sex-positive, kink-knowledgeable professional.  

Jill’s post-graduate sexuality training includes seminars by Dr. Marty Klein, Emily Nagowski and Dr. David Ley. She has completed the Emotion Focused Couple Therapy Externship (known as EFT or EFCT) and uses these approaches as a framework for her therapy. 


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Deanna Shahady
Deanna Shahady, LMFT-Associate

Deanna Shahady specializes in Sex Therapy using both relational and behavioral techniques. She strongly believes that pleasure is a vital component of happiness, and that through therapy, individuals and couples can learn the right tools to achieve mental, emotional, physical, and sexual health. She works with Individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, body image, trauma, gender identity, and sexuality to explore and learn to love who they are. She works with Couples to address communication problems and helps them build stronger, more intimate connections.

Deanna works to create a safe, judgment-free space that invites clients to ask questions and discuss intimate topics with both gravity and levity. She has an integrative and collaborative approach to therapy tailored to each individual or couples’ needs. She values social justice and uses a systems-oriented perspective that encourages clients to form healthy relationships with themselves, their partners, families, and communities.

Deanna works with clients of all sexual orientations and genders.  She is LGBTQIA+ affirming and is poly and kink aware.


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Lauren Reed, LMFT- Associate, LPC- Intern

Lauren works with individuals and couples dealing with a variety of sexual issues. She supports people who are struggling to achieve a steady, nurturing relationship. Lauren is familiar with Kink practices and healthy polyamorous relationships and is prepared to help you thrive in a judgement-free space where you can be yourself. She believes that all forms of consensual sex and ethical non-monogamy should be normalized across the spectrum.  

Lauren also has a deep understanding and concern for those who are coping with religious shame, religious abuse, and people struggling with their sex lives in relation to their religion. Regardless of what religion, the themes of shame and guilt can run deep. If your sexual self and your religion don’t align, then Lauren may be able to help.

Lauren’s true calling lies in her desire to try and help anyone who is hurting.  Her dual licensing prepares her to assist with many struggles you might be having. She is prepared to help with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, desire discrepancy (not wanting the same amount of sex), relationship issues, gender identity, and body image. She works from an existential and collaborative perspective. Whether you are seeking solo counseling, or couples of two or more counseling, Lauren is here to help.

Lauren is kink, LGBTQIA+, queer, and ethical non-monogamy communities friendly.

She is a member of TAMFT, AAMFT, AASECT and is in training with the Sexual Health Alliance as part of her sex therapy specialization. 

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Sara Sloan, LMFT- Associate

Sara helps clients with identity & relationship conflicts stemming from personal/cultural differences, a loss of intimacy, infidelity, sexual incompatibilities, medical difficulties, disability, chronic pain, miscarriage, infertility, sexual complications, religious issues around sexuality and identity, ED, divorce, a new baby, polyamory, anxiety & depression.

A member of the Sexual Health Alliance and AASECT, Sara works through an attachment lens and incorporates aspects of Imago Relationship Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral, Narrative, and Feminist Theory into her work.  In her previous career, she worked as a writing professor with a focus on gender and sexuality at Columbia University, and continues to bring knowledge from that time into her therapy work. 

Sara believes that relationships define each us and form the foundation for our life. Relationships, much like people, are unique and come in many different forms that should be equally honored. Sara works from a systemic perspective with couples, individuals, and families on ways to create relationships that define not only who we are, but also whom we desire to become. An open-minded person, Sara is familiar with traditional and nontraditional relationship styles, as well as the many ways to exist happily in the world.

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