Are you interested in becoming a Sex Therapist?
Are you seeking a specialty that is highly regarded with few practitioners in the Austin area?

You could train with Claudia Thompson LMFT-S, LPC-S, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and IITAP Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. Although my specialties are in relationship and sexual health, I am also a trained generalist in psychotherapy from a family systems theoretical orientation. Generally, when people present for therapy with sexual problems, there are many contributing factors and influences in their lives. Depression, anxiety, trauma, family of origin, spirituality, relationship history, substance abuse/use, and more will be important areas of assessment and exploration. During your supervised experience, you will have the opportunity to develop basic skills and areas of expertise. Diversity is an important area of exploration in your work with clients, and your professional and personal identity.  Diversity and privilege are ongoing areas of discussion in group and individual supervision.  I will work with you from your theoretical perspective and through a developmental approach.

The supervised experience is your final stage to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I believe this time should be interesting, illuminating, and educational. I hope my supervisees will look forward to supervision and view it as supportive, affirming, and instrumental in forming professional identity. Your supervision will be a combination of individual (up to 2 supervisees) and group (up to 8 supervisees), where you will receive constructive feedback and ideas. We will staff cases to insure best practices for clients, explore ethical issues and ethical decision making, study therapeutic approaches, and try new interventions. Professional development and identity will be explored.

I have some space available to work in my private practice or to sublet office space by the hour.

Claudia is currently working under supervision to complete her AASECT Sex Therapy Supervisor Certification.  This means that she can supervise you while you pursue your AASECT Sex Therapy Certification.  Post graduate clinical supervision and AASECT supervision hours can be accrued concurrently.

Please contact Claudia to ask questions or schedule an interview for her Clinical Supervision program or to discuss AASECT Supervision.

I also offer a monthly Sex Therapy Consultation Group for mental health professionals. Please contact me for more information.