Sexual Compulsions

The topic of sexual addiction is controversial among many in the therapy community. There are some who believe sexual addiction is not possible because it does not involve a substance to which the brain becomes dependent. Others believe that, sexual addiction is not only possible, it is becoming more and more prevalent in our society, especially with the ease of access to internet pornography.

What I know is that there are many men and women who use sexual behaviors in unhealthy or harmful ways. Sexual behaviors may become compulsive or obsessive. These behaviors may damage relationships, put jobs at risk, and may cause large financial or health consequences. It is common for people to have tried many times to quit these behaviors and not been successful.

I will work with you to identify the early causes of your sexual acting out and how you might be reenacting previous trauma, to use behavioral methods to stop the behaviors, and to rebuild damaged relationships. I work with individuals, partners/spouses, and couples affected by sexual addiction/compulsion.


Enhancing Intimacy Retreats for Couples
The upcoming retreat is designed for couples in recovery for sex addiction, affairs, and other betrayals. Experience beautiful Isla Mujeres, Mexico while connecting, sharing, and learning communication and intimacy skills with you partner. November 6-8, 2015.

SPOSA, Support for Partners of Sex Addicts – Women’s Group
Women invited to join this group are actively working to heal from trauma due to the betrayal of sex addiction, affairs, or other sexual acting out. The group will provide a place to share hopes and dreams, doubts, struggles, and successes.

Men’s Relationships & Healthy Sexuality Group
Men invited to join this group are working to change sexual behaviors that have been harmful to their relationships. This group will help men learn what it means to be vulnerable, be genuine, and connect emotionally.

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