Having Sexual Intimacy or Relationship Problems?

Do you long for more passion?
Do you have conflicts about desire differences?
Has betrayal affected your relationship?
Do you wish to talk more openly about your dreams and fantasies?

These are some of the questions many women and men have when they enter therapy. Claudia Thompson and her associates can help.

Each person entering our office is unique with his or her own life story. Talking about your worries and concerns in therapy with your partner or individually, exploring how your upbringing and family history have affected you as an adult, and working to make changes in your behaviors are some of the ways we will work together to move you toward greater satisfaction in your relationship and life.

Because of our cultures and societal expectations, few of us were taught to communicate our sexual thoughts or desires. Communication skills are taught and encouraged in therapy. Many of our clients express relief and connection when they are able to communicate their private thoughts with their partner and not be judged.

Often men and women get stuck in one part of their sexual experience, such as not being able to “perform” up to expectations…or feeling highly anxious about sexual interactions. Seeking to understand and balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of individual and couple sexuality can be a healing and connecting process. What is sex therapy?

Therapy appointments are also available with Claudia Thompson’s clinical supervisees, Licensed Professional Counselor-Interns and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy-Associates at lower rates. The therapists affiliated with Enhancing Intimacy Austin are either employees of Claudia Thompson or in independent practice.  They have all completed their full graduate education and are in the state required period of receiving continued supervision as they work toward their full licensure.  They have specialities such as infidelity, female and male sexuality, adolescent adjustment, parenting, gender and sexual orientation exploration, Trans or gender non-conforming knowledgable, compulsive sexual behaviors, kink and poly knowledgeable, and more.  Please see therapists in supervision for information about these services or contact Claudia Thompson for the best referral, 512-994-2588.

ANNOUNCING ENHANCING INTIMACY RETREATS! Click this link for retreat website and access Claudia’s interview with Carol the Coach discussing the retreat.

A Qualified Relationship and Sex Therapist in Austin

I am uniquely qualified as a Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist to assist you in moving toward improved sexual health and greater satisfaction in your life. Please schedule a 15 minute telephone consultation with Claudia to discuss your reasons for seeking therapy, ask questions, and schedule an appointment.